Polish cuisine (Polishkuchnia polska) is a style of cooking and food preparation originating from Poland. It has evolved over the centuries due to historical circumstances. Polish national cuisine shares some similarities with other Central European  and Eastern European traditions as well as French and Italian similarities.[3] It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef (depending on the region) and winter vegetables (cabbage in the dish bigos), and spices.[4] It is also characteristic in its use of various kinds of noodles the most notable of which are kluski as well as cereals such as kasha

Generally speaking, Polish cuisine is hearty and uses a lot of cream and eggs. The traditional dishes are often demanding in preparation. Many Poles allow themselves a generous amount of time to serve and enjoy their festive meals. SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR POLISH DISHES INCLUDE PIEROGI (POTATO DUMPLINGS ) , GOLABKI ( STUFFED CABBAGE ), GRILLED POLISH SAUSAGE, BIGOS ( HUNTER’S STEW ), HUNGARIAN PANCAKE ( POTATO PANCAKE WITH PORK GOULASH )We will bring to you the dishes from Eastern European cuisines like Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak,Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Lithuanian


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